August 27, 2014

The Mill at Calder’s End

This upcoming gothic horror The Mill at Calder’s End, is directed by Kevin McTurk. It features an all puppet cast, which takes it’s cue from classic’s like ‘The Dark Crystal’ and merges it with Lovecraftian storytelling.

The project originated on Kickstarter, where McTurk sought to raise $32,000 to make the film, and ended up doubling that amount!

McTurk assembled an all-star team of puppeteers and creature designers to create a dark and murky world. The puppets look damn good.

Featuring the voice talents of Jason Flemyng and Barbara Steele, among others, the film is set in Victorian England and tells the tale of Nicolas Grimshaw, who returns home to unearth the dark secret of the mill and Calder’s End.

One of the many awesome things about this flick is that Mike Mignola, creator of ‘Hellboy‘ is one of the concept artists behind the films look.

The Witch of the Mill. This restless spirit will be voiced by horror legend Barbara Steele. (Sculpture by Mitch Devane).

Nicholas Grimshaw's deceased father, Harrison Grimshaw. (Sculpture by Mitch Devane).

Nicholas Grimshaw, the narrator of this tale.(Sculpture by Arjen Tuiten).

No release date has yet been set, but there's all sorts of goodies, like production art and a narrative video by one of the characters over at the film’s Official Site.

Soucre: The Blood Shed

See the trailer:

Interview with Frank Oz

This is a great Frank Oz interview did with Laurie Taylor for the In Confidence series of Britain’s Sky 1 earlier this year.

In it Frank discusses his parents Mike and Frances Oznowicz (important early figures in the Puppeteers of America), his work with Jim Henson and his career as a feature film director. He also explains his love of the Muppet characters, his time performing as Yoda, and corrects the oft-repeated misconception that he’s a voice actor.

Via Puppetvision

11 Second Club (July 2014) Entry by Paul Schwarz

August 26, 2014

Terminix: “Death to Mosquitoes”

Voice Over: Ron Perlman
Produced and directed by Dress Code
Creative Director: Andre Andreev and Dan Covert
Producer: Tara Rose Stromberg
Lead Animator: Josh Parker
Animators: Evan Anthony, Jake Armstrong, Ian Sigmon
Compositing: Ian Sigmon
Designers: Marcin Zeglinski, Evan Anthony, Jake Armstrong, Mercy Lomelin, Dusty Parker, Ian Sigmon
Music/Sound: You Too Can Woo
Agency: Havas Worldwide, Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: Jason Peterson
Creative Director / Art Director: Benny Jackson
Copywriter: Beckett Short
Art Director: Marisa Scime
GAD: Stephen Bach
Account: Christina Banuelos
Producer: Sarah Ko

"GUNTHER" by Erick Oh